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Super Mario 3: ¿A stage play?

Did you ever notice that Super Mario Bros. 3 has many aspects of a stage play? There’s several elements and situations along the game that may suggest that the entire Super Mario Bros. 3...

Screen captures

Here are some screen captures from Super Mario Bros. 3 Editable. Some levels are quite similar to the original Super Mario Bros. 3 and others are brand new. Click on the image to enlarge....

Download Extreme! world

Size: 769 Kb Description: Additional world with more than 10 extreme levels, new music and backgrounds. Download: Extreme! world

Download Level Editor

Automatically downloads and installs the Level Editor on your machine. You can create or edit all levels with this program. Download Level Editor.

New Extreme! world

¡A brand new world to play and edit! The Extreme! world gives you a chance to play extreme levels, with several difficulties, new music and scenarios. Below are some screen captures. Available for download for...